What is Transmission Mount?

  There are many technical parts in the vehicles. Each of these parts has a different feature and is in an irreplaceable position in the vehicle. One of these parts is the transmission mount. The transmission mount is a part that supports the transmission. Among its duties is to prevent the transmission from vibrating and making noise during the operation of the vehicle. While the inner part of the transmission mount is rubber, the outer part is manufactured using metal material. As every mechanical part fails over time, the transmission mount may also malfunction from time to time. The most obvious indicator of this is the feeling of sound and vibrations. These elements, which are felt and heard, indicate that the transmission mount is not performing its duty. Apart from this, other problems seen are as follows. If your transmission mount is faulty, your vehicle will start to sway while accelerating. This may be due to worn or damaged rubbers. Again, if the gearbox ear is